İki Kapı İnşaat (Two Door Construction Company) started its commercial activity in February 2015, it is a young and dynamic company with its personnel and management team having long years of experience. İki Kapı have expanded its business activities in many places within Turkey rapidly, especially focusing on the construction and contracting areas.



While reshaping its experience for many big and small size projects such as Hotel, Residence, Office, Shopping Mall, Public Institutions in the past at İki Kapı Construction, the company works with a team of 150 people in various parts of Turkey. Our team, consisting of experienced civil engineers and other sector workers, successfully carry on our projects and activities particularly in İstanbul, Mardin, Seydişehir, Ankara and Antalya.


İki Kapı Construction, started to make a name for itself with the construction and contracting sector, which is an expanding sector in Turkey. Some of these can be listed such as: Ankara Express Train Station, Seydişehir Aliminum Factory, Phosphate Factory.


İki Kapı Construction builds distinctive, functional buildings with trust and stability, it continues to look to the future in its sense of design…

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