We have an approach of giving importance to the details in terms of construction works through our services covering all construction works from turn-key projects to contracting projects.

Construction Projects::


Construction does not mean building construction in all cases. Building construction can be thought as a branch of construction. While many social facilities are in the scope of construction; the facilities that serve  humanity such as dams, water reservoirs, channels, indoor and outdoor water lines, paving stones, subconstruction, environmental planning (landscape architecture), highways, railways, airports, squares, parks, social reinforcements are constructed for certain service periods. Construction takes a significant place within architecture, civil engineering, landscape architecture, interior design projects and works.


The most important ones between the construction types that we serve for can be listed as below:


High-rise Building constructions –Industrial constructions–Factory constructions– Residence constructions


When making these constructions we operate in many areas particularly rough work, fine works and environmental planning. If we list these works, they are: concrete and iron labour, moulding labour with equipment, masonry, gas concrete wall, Bims wall works, roughcast, gypsum plaster, satin plaster and paint works, screed works, ceramic works, jacketing, drywall works and suspended ceiling works.

Contracting Projects:


It is our job to undertake the construction of buildings on the lands whose ownership belongs to different people or bodies. There is a series of processes that starts with concluding an agreement for the contracting works, in accordance with the demands from the real persons and legal entities that wish to construct.


These are;


Preparing the Project,

Determining the Estimated Cost,

Choosing the valuation method,

Determining tender methods

Putting the Project out to Tender…


We are conducting works for many projects that have passed through these processes. We provide contracting services for real persons and legal entities through our tender offers for the appropriate bids Turkey-wide.

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